XXIII Kohila Symposium
9-31 July, 2023

Anagama Firing

Short film made by Krista Jutt during the 15th Kohila Symposium, 2015.

Wood Firing And Its Magic-Elysia Athanatos

Fifteen Years of Kohila Symposium

This article was first published in The Log Book, issue 63, 2015 / Külli Kõiv Enchanted by Fire – Fifteen Years of Kohila International Ceramics Symposium ...

Taming Fire in Kohila

David Jones / artist and writer / 2015 Fire provides us with warmth and security and the power to change matter, but it also has ...

Enchanted by Fire

2015 marks 15 years from the beginning of the Kohila International Ceramics Symposium in Estonia. All the symposia have been conducted in Kohila, at the Tohisoo Manor, and ...

Conversation about the exhibition Enchanted by Fire

Laura Põld / artist and writer / 2015 Conversation with Pekka Paikkari, curator of Enchanted by Fire and ceramicist Ingrid Allik. Pekka Paikkari, what were ...

Through the lens

Short film made by Tauno Sirel during the 14th Kohila Symposium, 2014.

What has been cooking in Kohila?

David Jones / clay artist and writer / 2010 The history of Estonia is a history of interruptions. Estonia achieves independence from foreign domination in 1991; ...

More about the Tohisoo kiln

Inna Laanmets / head of Kohila Educational Center in years 1993-2003 / 2010 It was back in the mid-1990’s when Professor Richard Spiller from East ...


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